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Brecon Beacons National Park.

The new website of the Brecon Beacons National Park, designed by One Bright Space, is an attractive new portal for the park which boasts a number of exciting features.

Perhaps most interesting of these features are the two live webcams broadcasting footage from around the park twenty four hours a day, with an option for users to download a one minute time-lapse of the day's footage. In addition to this unique feature, the site contains live weather forecast information, invaluable to those planning their day out in the park.

  • Live webcams of the Park, as well as 24 hour time lapse footage.
  • Visitors can view live information such as the weather forecast.
  • Easy content management for over 30 content editors.
  • Interactive map showing the entire area of the park.

Another useful tool is the interactive map, showing areas of common land within the park, as well as detailed information on rights of way. This map is fully integrated with the Park Authority's Rights of Way management system, also designed by One Bright Space, and any updates to the Rights of Way Manager are automatically reflected in this interactive map.

As well as being a great portal for potential visitors to the park, many of the site's strengths also lie in its flexibility in terms of content management. With over 30 content editors regularly modifying and contributing to the website, this is an important feature.

Information is organised into easy-to-use categories; activities and places to stay, the park authority, nature and the environment within the park, planning and heritage, learning and schools and community and sustainability information.

Not only does the site connect to intranet sites and share calendar information and timetables, it is also fully integrated with the organisation's intranet-based image library. The easy-to-use content management system has a number of useful features to facilitate broader participation in the running of the site, notably an online image cropping tool and full content versioning.

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