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Brecon Beacons Park Explorer

The Brecon Beacons National Park needed a solution that could present detailed information about outdoor activities and trails in the park, as well as other relevant data such as upcoming events or weather forecasts.

In order to successfully deliver this information to the public, the park needed a portal that would not only be fun to browse, but that would also be an easy-to-use and useful tool for those wishing to plan an outing.

The Solution

Our core idea in developing this software was to excite the visitor with a real taste of what to expect from their chosen destination. Matt Webster, Director of One Bright Space says "We realised that a map with a line on it and some icons doesn't say very much about a place. My first question when I'm thinking about going somewhere is 'What will it be like? What will I see?'. Once inspired I can then go and look at maps, read comments, work out how to get there and print out the information I need once I'm there."

Features of Park Explorer

  • Greater accessibility of routes data for general public and tourists.
  • Suggestions for activities based on weather forecast.
  • Routes of particular interest can be made into featured routes.
  • Routes are printable, and can contain downloadable GPS routes or audio trails as PodCast or MP3.
  • Built on a semantic database, allowing for greater flexibility to import or export data.

Inverting the traditional web practice of inserting small images into blocks of text, the Park Explorer takes dramatic images that demonstrate the awesome wonder of our landscape, places them at the heart of the system, and provides a framework for content which functions within an image-driven experience. This visually arresting fusion of imagery and content is central to the ethos of this software.

The navigation system is dynamic and multifaceted; users can work their way around the site using the menu on the front page, search for specific information, or use the interactive map. In the main menu, different routes are arranged into groups; walking, cycling, horse riding and nature trails.

The concept of incorporating data into an interactive map seen in other work by One Bright Space has been further expanded, with the map occupying a yet more central place in the workings of the Park Explorer. In a similar vein to the iconic images, the map fills most of the page, pushing users to discover the full potential of this powerful tool.

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