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Experience Pembrokeshire.

Experience Pembrokeshire is an online portal that draws on a wide variety of sources to ensure that no aspect of Pembrokeshire’s rich history, impressive landscapes and natural diversity is overlooked by residents and potential visitors. The portal was set up by PLANED, a non-profit, community based organisation set up to encourage participation and development across Pembrokeshire.

Feedback from questionnaires had highlighted a growing demand among businesses for an online portal that would help increase visitor numbers to Pembrokeshire during the quieter winter months.

As well as working with communities and local individuals to create a wealth of content, PLANED wanted to amalgamate data from a broad range of other sources such as the Countryside Council for Wales, Dyfed Archaeological Trust, Pembrokeshire County Council, and the National Trust to one central location, in order to make this data more accessible to the general public.

Executing the project

  • Allows for a highly customised visitor experience; families can find a variety of activities clustered together in one location on the map, and photographers can find specific shots such as a castle on a moor.
  • Users can use the map as a starting point, but those who prefer to first lose themselves in detailed histories and guides will also find these pages fully woven into the interactive map.
  • Can be modified and improved as more data becomes available.
  • Data from external sources, such as Dyfed Archaeological Trust, can be incorporated into the map.

Having collected such a wealth of information, PLANED needed a means of delivering this potentially overwhelming mass of data to the target audience effectively, in a manner that would be easy to navigate. Having looked at previous work done by One Bright Space with national parks and other organisations, PLANED decided that the company understood the nature of the data, and were best qualified to do the job.

PLANED had some fundamental ideas about what they were looking for; it was important that the portal be ‘image driven’ due to the organisation’s close links with artists and photographers, and the site had to be designed with the general public in mind.

With these key aims laid out, One Bright Space worked with PLANED to develop a portal consisting of three broad thematic areas;

  • Hidden Heritage - Covering all aspects of Pembrokeshire’s history, from Welsh mythology and standing stones to ancient castles and World War II relics.
  • Natural World – Providing detailed information about the diverse nature found in Pembrokeshire, ranging from woodland environments to coastal habitats and designed landscapes.
  • Living Landscapes – Aimed at promoting the rugged Pembrokeshire terrain as a place for enjoyment, with a gallery, viewpoints, and extensive information on walking trails across the county.

Owing to the broad and divergent themes covered by the website, there is often with nothing to link the content together other than location; and this is where One Bright Space’s unique interactive map feature plays a crucial role, acting as a backbone to the website.

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