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Map Builder -

OS mapping

What Map Builder offers

Connect to your existing GIS data

Set up links from your GIS data to Geoserver to manage data publishing and styling.

Set up a frame

Choose a base layer and specify the size, zoom levels and extends limits on your webmap.

Choose layers to show

Select from all layers available in your Geo Store and set which ones to be shown in a key

The UK's National Parks have lots of geographic information which is of public interest from boundaries and sensitive areas to points of interest and planning applications. They needed a way to bridge the gap between their internal GIS systems and their public websites - to show this information to the public.

Publishing just what is needed

One Bright Space provided the Map Builder framework as a way to publish elements of these data in context on web pages where they are of most interest. This avoids the unintegrated and potentially confusing approach of having a single 'web GIS' page on a website which visitors are pointed to for any kind of map information; generally a powerful tool which they then have to learn how to use and dig through to find specific information.

Instead, with Map Buidler even non-GIS expert members of staff who wish to add content to their website can include dynamic interactive maps, showing only what is needed on that page.

Options available for your embedded map

Map Builder provides an easy to use step-by-step process to set up each map as required:

  • Size of map window
  • Choice of base mapping - from Ordnance Survey or National Park's own layers
  • Zoom levels allowed to users
  • Limit extents to control how far the map can be panned
  • Display of a key, scale bars or grid coordinates
  • Show selected layers from their Geo Store
  • Centre on a value passed in the URL (e.g. create dynamic pages with a map of each planning application)
  • Provide a search box for users to find places or data
  • Popups when points or areas are clicked. The content in these popups can be fully controlled, from the data in the layer which is clicked.

Complete control for developers

When a map has been constructed in Map Builder, the output has the option to remain open for adding any modifications or extended funcitonality by in-house web developers.

The look and feel of all the map controls and key are given in CSS which can be customised to suit the site or page it is being used on. The interaction and map handling is provided by Javascript, using the OpenLayers platform, so a map can be easily integrated into a more advanced system and events such as clicking on objects on the map could be tied to other website functions giving unlimited scope for adding features.

Set up interactions

You can choose for your layers to be rendered as raster or vector, and either can be set as clickable.

You may want to add a layer-specific copyright note too.


Set popup information from the columns of data available. These can include photos, links and headings.


As well as allowing searching on postcodes and grid references, you can set up fields from your data and allow users to search on those.

Embed map output

Once you have your map set up how you want it you get the output markup which can be easily inserted into your existing website content management system.

Want your own Map Builder?

If you like what you see, get in touch with us to discuss how One Bright Space could work with you to get your GIS data on the web.

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