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SEEDA Strategy Planner

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Founded in 1999, the South East England Development Agency (SEEDA) is a Government funded agency set up to assist the economic and social development of one of the UK's biggest economies. Working with partner organisations such as businesses, Government agencies and community organisations, SEEDA aims to create a prosperous and dynamic region by helping businesses and communities, as well as safeguarding the region's natural resources and rich cultural heritage.

The challenge

Knowing how important the cultural and creative industries are to civil society, SEEDA wanted to display information about this sector in the South East using a Web enabled GIS tool. This would ensure that Culture and the Creative Economy exerted a strong influence over the Regional Strategy. The agency wanted a website that provided a good direction to stakeholders, contained links to the necessary evidence base, contained visual data analysis, and was sustainable.

The One Bright Space solution

One Bright Space developed a highly dynamic and easy to use interactive map system which was also custom-designed to fit with SEEDA's corporate design. The tool can be broken up into the following components:


Assets mapping The assets layer allows users to view a variety of asset types on the map, either individually or in combinations. Assets include festivals, museums, galleries and many more. Users can also import their own for use alongside pre-existing data. For ease of use, there is an option to view the data in tabular form in a pop out box, with a handy link next to each entry to locate each asset on the map.


Boundary mapping This layer displays not only local authority boundaries and counties, but also data relating to infrastructure such as the road and rail networks. It can be used as a standalone source of information, but is particularly useful when used in conjunction with other layers to contextualise data.

Statistical layers

Statistical mapping This function is the heart of the tool as it allows the user to view a wide range of statistical information in tabular form and map form, both of which are exportable. Statistics are grouped by theme and include Best Value Performance Indicators, Lottery grants, and green space as a percentage of total land area, among others.

Interactive map

The functions outlined above all work in conjunction with an interactive map that allows users to zoom in and out using the zoom bar or mouse wheel, or to pan by dragging the mouse or using the navigation buttons.

The map view can be exported at any time as a PNG image.

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