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  • Simple systems based on Google maps
  • Specialised systems using any map image desired
  • Elaborate and highly customisable map systems upon which your whole website is centred
  • Maps that can easily be saved or exported by users wanting to insert them into documents or PowerPoint presentations.
  • Dynamic maps that evolve as more data becomes available.
  • Options for users to incorporate their own data from other sources into maps.
  • Unique features to suit your needs, such as user comments, printable route cards derived from the map, and even media components such as audio trails or videos.
  • Solutions that fit your imagination.

Over 80% of data has a spatial component, and our highly customisable Web mapping solutions can deliver this information to users effectively in areas as diverse as transport, tourism or geo asset management.

We believe that data should not be allowed to stagnate in lengthy tables and charts; the increasingly interactive nature of the web allows for novel ways of visually presenting data, and One Bright Space is working at the forefront of this concept.

With the wealth of information made available by the forthcoming, data will come to play an even greater role in society, with forward-thinking businesses and organisations who take advantage of newly available information gaining a firm foothold in this new era.

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