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What does semantic web technology mean for your organisation?

  • Your website can easily incorporate data from a wide variety of sources.
  • Exporting your data elsewhere is straightforward.
  • Your organisation will be less reliant on a web design company in the long term.

Data is conventionally stored in tables, using different columns to house varying types of information. This form of data storage, however, is beginning to appear ever more obsolete in the face of developments in Semantic Web technology, where data is stored using a formalised method, allowing for a level of flexibility never before possible.

One of the more incapacitating aspects of a website created using the traditional method of storing data is that the means of organisation is particular to the author, meaning that any new incoming data has to be forged in accordance with this structure. This means data that cannot easily be shared, and often results in a costly over-reliance on the web design company for the inputting of any new data.

Semantic Web Technology removes this barrier to data sharing by using formalised standards to hold information. A website designed using Semantic Web Technology can easily share data, but the greatest benefit is a much greater degree of flexibility in terms of inputting new data; allowing you to enrich your content like never before.

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