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Tourism mapping

Many places around the world rely on tourism as part of their income. What can you do to promote your destination above the rest?

iCoast - a case study of tourism promotion web mapping.

With so many smaller businesses making up the tourism experience and tourists looking for whats available generally it is sometimes hard to get a "sense of place", even after scouring the web. We use mapping to make online experiences to promote your destination in an interactive and inspiring way.

Browsing online has become a major factor in how visitors get an idea of what they can expect from a certain destination. It is important to promote this in as visually appealing way possible. It is normally outside of the smaller businesses scope to create such an experience themselves.

We believe a sense of place can be effectively presented with a well-designed interactive mapping-based approach.

We can make bespoke mapping tailored to your landscape, with your local businesses and activities integrated in a way that lets people explore and get excited about your destination.

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